Masako Doi Acupuncture
Masako Doi   R.Ac., R.TCM.P.

Masako Doi is a certified and experienced practitioner of shiatsu massage, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Masako was born in Osaka, Japan and completed her Fine Arts degree at the Kyoto University of Arts and Design.  After arriving in Canada in 2004, it wasn't long before Masako fell in love with the landscape and people of the B.C. coast and knew that she had found her new home.

While living on Salt Spring Island, Masako discovered the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Her experiences there started her on a lifelong journey exploring the divine connections between the mind and body.  This path has led her to Japanese shiatsu massage, which after two years of full-time study, she has practised for six years in the Vancouver area.

Eventually, Masako began to experience debilitating neck pain caused by the physical nature of being a full-time shiatsu practitioner.  She was amazed at how effective acupuncture was for healing her neck and shoulder pain and knew that she must learn more about its healing potential.

Today, she is a fully trained and experienced acupuncturist and has found her experience with acupuncture to complement her approach to shiatsu.

As she has deepened her understanding of the relationship between mind and body, Masako has come to favour a holistic approach to healing.  This concept of the human body as an interconnected whole - instead of a series of separate systems - is at the centre of traditional Chinese medicine.

TCM is a system of treatment utilizing the healing effects of herbs and Masako's own experience with its healing power led her to formally study it and integrate it into her own healing practice.  The ability to utilize her knowledge and skills in shiatsu, acupuncture and TCM, means that Masako is able to provide many healing solutions to her clients.

Now with her own clinic hours, the exploration of the connection between the mind and body continues as she uses her skills and experience to help people on their journey to better health and wellbeing.

Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.)

Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCMP.)

Member of College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BC (CTCMA)

Diploma of Acupuncture and TCM practitioner (R.TCMP.) at International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver (ICTCMV)


Acupoint Injection Therapy

Kinetic Acupuncture


Electro-Acupuncture Medicine: Electric Medicine 2 Electron Adapted Neurotherapy


2200 hrs diploma at Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy

Yoga Teacher Certification

Yandara Yoga Institution, Mexico

BFA,  Fine Arts in Kyoto, Japan

Shiho Shoriki thai shiatsu massage
Shiho Shoriki, Certified Shiatsu Massage Therapist

SHIHO SHOIRIKI is a certified SHIATSU massage therapist and experienced practitioner of REIKI, AYUR-VEDA and THAI massage.

Shiho was born in Miyazaki, Japan and growing up in nature let her enjoy surfing, yoga and camping. When she first came to Canada in 2007, she spent a year exploring the mountains in Whistler. She returned to Canada in 2010; she lived in the Sea to Sky and Kootenay areas to reconnect with nature.

She studied AYUR-VEDA (the Sanskrit term for the science of life) in Japan to deepen her understanding of the human body and all the balance of life.

She now uses her experience as a hand-healing therapist to help clients to find a better balance between body and mind.

As well as helping others, Shiho diligently practices what she has learned to live a better life.